Semalt Speculates On SEO Trends 2021

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Who are SEO Experts?
  3. Why are they so important?
  4. Top SEO Experts you should be following in 2021
  5. Conclusion


A business that has a public website and does not know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been living under a rock. Luckily, this guide is here to help. SEO brings a business out of the tunnels and into the light where the whole world can see it and access its services. But it is easy to be behind in the SEO game by using outdated techniques or by doing it wrongly. Business owners can avoid this by following top experts in the game so that new and updated information can always be within reach. 

To make your work easier, we have decided to bring all you to know at your fingertips. This guide contains information about who SEO Experts are, what they do, the benefit of hiring / following them, and some SEO Experts that are highly worth following in 2021. 

Who are SEO Experts?

To a layman, an SEO expert is anyone or any organization that is good at SEO. But since it is not a layman reading this right now, that definition is missing a lot. It's more than being 'good' at SEO. An SEO expert reads, studies, analyzes and develops a website just so that it can be well optimized for search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, or Bing). The result is to make sure that these search engines mention the optimized website on the result page when a related keyword is searched for. 

But it is more than just appearing on search engine result pages (SERPs), it is also about ranking higher than competitors. What is the use of a website appearing on Google's result page it's on page 12? Most searchers don't scroll past page 1. So that's the priority. 

SEO Experts are more than regular users that know about SEO techniques. They are up to date on the latest tools and methods to keep a website page ever-relevant to its readers, and easy to navigate. They also help to increase a brand's awareness so that traffic can increase (and more traffic equals more sales). 

So SEO specialization is more than a hobby, it's a job that requires technical skills and knowledge about SEO tools, engagement, digital marketing, web crawlers, website indexation, keywords, URLs, visibility, meta titles, search console, redirects, and so on. 

But to better explain who SEO Experts are, here are some characteristics of good SEO Experts

1. The Person or Organization Must Understand the Three Tiers of SEO

The three tiers of SEO are the technical aspects, the off-page, and the on-page SEO. The technical aspect is about how the website 'looks' on a desktop and a mobile device. It involves the site loading speed, how easy it is for bots to crawl and index pages, the structure of the pages, and how friendly it looks on mobile devices. Good user experience is the goal under this tier and it requires a foundation knowledge of the technical aspects of a website, hence the name. 

The second tier is off-page search engine optimization, and it is about developing a concrete relationship with other websites. To do this, link-building techniques can be adopted. It helps to build the reputation of the website and show that it too, is a trusted source. 

Finally, on-page optimization is about structuring the content of the site so that it can be seen as valuable. Elements like internal links, meta tags, keywords, and HTML title tags can be employed effectively to increase traffic and visibility on SERPs.

2. Presence Of Excellent Communication Skill and Team Work

SEO Experts don't work alone. They work with other specializations and departments like marketing, web development, customer service, analytics, sales, IT, and many more. And so there has to be effective communication in one language to ensure the best results. That's why it's always better to employ a team of SEO Experts rather than individuals because a team has worked together and can guarantee more efficient work with better results. 

3. Marketing Is Part of the Job

Good specialists of SEO don't stop at website optimization, they also have to market the page. Recall, what's the use of having a business that does not sell? So alongside pleasing search engines' algorithms, they also have to create contents that people will buy. 

4. Adaptability and Curiosity

Nothing stays the same forever, and that applies also to the world of SEO. Algorithms change frequently and this means that techniques and tools would have to be updated (also) constantly. This is why businesses should stay in touch with top experts so that new information can be within reach. 

5. Finally, there has to be a Big Picture

What makes the difference between an expert and a novice is that the work is not done for fun or without direction. There is a goal always set in place. Either the expert is working with the business or employed, all activities and processes have to be in line with the business' goal. This also means that there are objectives to meet from time to time. 

Why are they so important?

Now that the idea behind SEO experts has been well described, why are they so important for a business? 
  1. They allow a business to have the time to focus on other things. SEO takes a bunch of time and attention and it can be difficult for a business to attend to SEO campaigns as well as other operations. So SEO experts take the weight off the bulky work. 
  2. SEO, as it has been explained, is very sophisticated and requires some technical skills. Therefore, it isn't a job for just anyone. That's why SEO experts are important. Because of their acquired skill and training, they can guarantee a satisfactory result.
  3. Because SEO experts are very familiar and trained in the business of on and off-site optimization, they can easily notice what is not missing on the website, or what can be done to improve results. Sometimes, a business can be doing all it can to optimize its website but if SEO experts don't look into it, traffic might still not be driven to the site. Similar to the previous point, there are well-aware of all the technicalities of a website's optimization (it's their job), so you can expect only the best results. 
  4. Finally, SEO experts are very important because they not only help you operate your website, they keep track of its progress. This way, campaign strategies can be monitored effectively and constantly so that the one that doesn't work can be changed. They would be able to know what is also more effective on the website and adjust accordingly which in turn keeps the business above its competitors. 

Top SEO Experts you should be following in 2021

So now that the reason for following SEO experts has been established, here are some experts to follow in 2021. Some of them are individuals and others are a group of people (a team of experts) that can help out your website on the right track. 

Note that this list is not ordered based on a ranking of the best to the least, it is merely a compiled list of those that are known to be good at SEO, currently practice it, talk about it, and can offer their services to businesses. And though some people might not be mentioned, it is a mere omission of name and nothing else. 

So below are some of the top SEO experts to follow in 2021


SEO is very important for every business that has been published online. It helps to keep the business relevant and to show its services, products, or contents to the public. An effectively done SEO would also assist in driving traffic to the page which would in turn increase sales. That's why it is very important to regularly optimize a website. And to make it easier, SEO experts can be hired to constantly monitor and track the progress on the technical, on, and off-page SEO to achieve great results. 

If you need to learn more about the subject of SEO and website promotion, we invite you to visit our Semalt blog.